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I’m guessing you’re interested in the benefits of meditation, in taking time out to look after yourself and in being in touch with the real, true, big stuff in your life. Maybe you’d like to know more about how meditation helps with anxiety, how meditation calms you, how meditation gives inner peace. If so, this is the place to fins out more.

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The Benefits of Meditation – Meet Jane

I’m Jane of AmethystLiving and this is my story.  Meditation helped my anxiety and more or less saved my life. In 1993, I was working in a ‘good professional job’ in a major cultural institution in Edinburgh. It was ‘the’ place to be for my profession – and I was miserable. I was a square peg in a round hole. I was seeking something to give my life meaning and value.

I suffered from anxiety and became so ill, there were times I could hardly leave the house.

I began doing a lot of inner work – then, after three months I had a remarkable dream. It foretold the work that I do today.

I found that I could go on meditative journeys to an inner world and that saved me. I journeyed into another world and there I encountered healing for my wounded spirit, divine love, joy, compassion and divine wisdom. My beloved friends in that world work with me as I work with you so that you can know and benefit from this blessed healing for the spirit.

Now I still get a bit anxious but I can honestly say that meditation helps me with my anxiety. More than that, meditation helped me find my spiritual path.

In this way you can find an oasis of calm in your busy day and connect with your true, compassionate self. 

Guided Meditation

I accompany you in your journey to become who you are truly meant to be, working with you to help you find your true self, your direction in life and to create an oasis of calm and peace. Together we reflect and meditate on your heart’s desire.

Six Enchantments 1-to-1

In this six week course, we work together, one to one, over six sessions (choose one or two sessions per week). Each one-hour session comprises a guided meditation and reflection time for you to consider what each meditation means to you and how you’ll bring its insights into your life. This is a wonderful course, based on my book, Six Enchantments but tailored to you, It is suitable for complete beginners to meditation or if you’re searching for a new direction in your practice or to refresh it in some way. This one-to-one work is very profound and beautiful and can help you find a way of living and reflecting more deeply.

Six Enchantments Online Course

If you’re looking for time out from your busy day, for help with stress management and anxiety or to further your spiritual journey but would prefer to work through the Six Enchantments in your own time, you can purchase a video course with or without my Six Enchantments book.

Videos are pre-recorded so you can watch them at a time that works for you. Buy all six videos as a bundle or purchase them separately on the areas you feel you need support with. Your journey is personal to you so our packages are bespoke to suit.

“I’ve worked with the one to one meditations using Jane Hill’s book “6 Enchantments.” We met up weekly. Jane took me through each meditation. It was lovely going through the book with Jane and sitting with her taking me on each journey personally. I can’t thank her enough. I definitely recommend doing this with Jane if you are thinking about it, these sessions really helped me to move forward.  Thank you Jane xx”

Explore your
inner world

My book, Six Enchantments is a collection of six short stories, beautifully illustrated, written to give the reader moments of peace and calm in their day.

Jane Hill Six Enchantments
Amethyst Living Guided Meditations

Book a complimentary consultation with me 

I am delighted to offer a complimentary 20 minute consultation to teach you about healing for the spirit and how it could help you.

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The Secret Meditation Garden is a space for modern mystics everywhere. We meet here to encourage and support each other in a world that isn’t always very comfortable for us.
It’s a gathering space to nurture and support your interest in meditation and its many benefits and to encounter divine love, joy, compassion and wisdom.