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What and who am I?

I’m Jane Hill, a modern Scottish mystic and this is what I do…

I write about true things, real things. The true and real things are hidden but there all the same, and I find them, seek them out and come back to tell you about them, for your wellbeing.

I write ‘spells’ for wellbeing – I write about my sacred landscape. Its water, earth, stone, trees and stars are eternal, strange and yet entirely familiar to us at the same time. We have never encountered them before but even so, we feel we know them when we meet them.

The enchantment of the landscape and everything within it, its healing, blessing power, its endless capacity for blessing and nourishment, these are what I speak of and write about.

We live in our everyday time of changing, flowing seasons, but also in the never-changing, ever-flowing Now. And my writing and meditations try to convey something of the nature of the ever-flowing Now. By reading my words, by hearing them, you step outside everyday time and enter the ever-flowing, never-changing Now. This is my work. My life, my words are my work. This is my truth and living joy.



Jane Hill Amethyst Living
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When the inner demands of our heart, our spirit, our soul, are met, the outer demands of our life become lighter and less challenging. And life re-arranges itself around these new inner demands, that’s the divine beauty of it. Of course, it doesn’t happen the way we might expect, the timing may not be what we want, but it does arrange itself around them. This loving cosmos hears us and knows our needs, and arranges things so that we may have them.

That was my experience, anyway – and still is. By meditating, by connecting to our true, loving, wise, compassionate, healing, joyful self, we create our true life.

I did this for myself, and still do it. And now I help you to find and connect with your true self, so that you can bring your inner and outer worlds closer together and life your true life, with greater depth and meaning.

‘You have helped me so much! I haven’t got the words to describe how I feel – it’s just a kind of magic!’ SM, Aberdeen.



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I’m a consultant for the beautiful Neal’s Yard range of skincare and wellbeing products. I love the Wild Rose Beauty Balm and the Frankincense Skincare range in particular. You can browse the whole range of lovely products here. The products change with the seasons and are a beautiful way to enhance your wellbeing and self-care.

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