Six Enchantments

Amethyst Living Meditation Sessions


My guided meditations draw on my own meditation journeys into the Otherworld. In them, you explore a sacred landscape, where you may encounter Divine love, joy, healing for your spirit, wisdom and compassion. All of these are already within your heart, just waiting to be awakened when you connect with them in meditation.

My Six Enchantments 1-2-1 offer is your chance to work with me personally. We meet (usually online), usually once a week, for around an hour. A thirty to forty-minute guided meditation forms the heart of each of our meetings each week, based on the meditations in my book Six Enchantments [link to Amazon here]. Because we’re working one-to-one, each meditation is tailored to your particular concerns. 

This is a great, intensive course, ideal to help you to begin your own spiritual journey, or to refresh your practice. It provides you with a dedicated, safe and beautiful time each week for you to explore your inner world. 

I have space for just two individual clients at a time, as it’s an intensive course for me too, so be sure to contact me to arrange your booking, or to know more about it.

My pre-recorded Six Enchantments video series is an affordable way to access similar guided meditations. Recorded outdoors in the peaceful Scottish countryside, they are a great way to begin exploring an inner world of peace, calm and joy.



Prefer to buy the Six Enchantments videos individually?

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