The Secret Spirit



I love finding out what makes people tick, what drives them, what they love doing and what gives their life meaning – so I decided to have a regular series of online conversations with people I know who are pursuing their passions and leading interesting lives in doing so. 

In these conversations, which I’ve called The Secret Spirit, we reflect on spiritual, philosophical and life questions, and I find it very inspiring to learn more about the inner life of the people I speak with.

I hope you’ll find this series of conversations as fascinating as I do. 



The Secret Spirit video 1

The Secret Spirit is my free video content series. In this episode, I have a fireside chat with Edward Foster, artist, author and musician. We discuss his work, the wellsprings of creativity and its connection to spirituality. Watch now.

The Secret Spirit video 2

The Secret Spirit is my free video content series. Join me for another ‘fireside chat’, this time with Claire Higgins, Possibility Coach, as we discuss her work, what drives her and her interest in encouraging young people to explore and affirm their spirituality.

The Secret Spirit video 3

Join me as I’m live in conversation with Annette O’Donnell, who is a light worker, working with angels, sound frequency and vibration, to bring hope, healing and wellness to others.


The Secret Spirit video 4

Join me as I’m live in conversation with Filomena Phoenix Ianni, who is a Southern Italian, and has lived and worked in the UK since 1994. Filomena is a body-psychotherapist and community rhythm facilitator. She is nearing the completion of her further studies in Dance and Somatic Movement and I’ve been lucky enough to have received some sessions in Somatic Movement from Filomena and found it to be a very powerful and inspiring process. Filomena studies percussions from various cultures and sings and writes songs – she released an album with her partner in 2018.


The Secret Spirit video 5

Join me as I’m in conversation with Rev Mela Borawski, a green hedge witch and founder of the Greenwild Mystical Academy, who lives in South Carolina, USA. She has studied and practised spiritual witchcraft for over twenty years, and is an ordained pagan minister and leader in her local community. Mela is running the online Greenwild Festival on November 13 this year, and I’m looking forward to talking with her about her work, her practice and the festival.


Six Enchantments Course

In this six week course, we work together, one to one, over six sessions. Each one-hour session comprises a guided meditation and reflection time for you to consider what each meditation means to you and how you’ll bring its insights into your life. This is a wonderful course, based on my book, Six Enchantments but tailored to you, It is suitable for complete beginners to meditation or if you’re searching for a new direction in your practice or to refresh it in some way. This one-to-one work is very profound and beautiful and can help you find a way of living and reflecting more deeply.

“I’ve worked with the one to one meditations using Jane Hill’s book “6 Enchantments.” We met up weekly. Jane took me through each meditation. It was lovely going through the book with Jane and sitting with her taking me on each journey personally. I can’t thank her enough. I definitely recommend doing this with Jane if you are thinking about it, these sessions really helped me to move forward.  Thank you Jane xx”